Michael Ross Curnes

Product and Growth Consultant, User Researcher, Advisory Board Member, and Founder


With an analytical mind and a wellspring of curiosity, I’ve brought to my personal and professional endeavors a background of education and experience that seek to drive change and create value in creative as well as conventional ways.

Further reflecting those qualities I've done so in diverse market segments, with a myriad of company sizes, and colleagues from all walks of life.

My experiences and areas of expertise lie in:

Software developmentProduct discovery and managementGrowth strategy developmentMarket and user researchIdea exchange in both advisory board and mentorship situations.
This combined with education in mass communications, international politics, and engineering gives me the opportunity to hold a unique perspective. I can put that breadth of knowledge to work bringing informative context, and an understanding of producing fresh approaches that make business sense.

Working in sales, software development, and communications is an advantage when approaching problems holistically so that stakeholders, solutions, and their outcomes are thought through to completion. This is invaluable in the current business climate where complex ideas and cross-functional teams are more common than ever.

Striving to address not only explicit challenges and requirements but the underlying issues and processes that drove them is what I can move quickly through understanding, gap analysis, and improvement.

In my own time, I stay active through weight lifting, tennis, and mountain climbing. I am an avid cook, and stay up to speed on cultural trends and events as well.

I’m happy to connect and discuss anything big or small and look forward to hearing from you and what we can accomplish.

All the best,